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Introduction of Open Space

Hidden powers and creative talents

Inspiring forms of communication

Open Space technology

Finding solutions, creating techniques

Open Space for various organisations

Open Space framework

The seven basic principles:

1. Whoever comes are always the right people
2. Whatever happens is for the good
3. Conditions should be taken for what they are
4. The composition of the groups is determined by chance
5. Everyone may start whenever they feel like it
6. Everyone may stop whenever they think it is time to
7. Everyone is free to move around as they like

FAQ: How does an Open Space Workshop work?

FAQ: What does an Open Space Workshop do?

FAQ: At what occasions are Open Space Workshops used?

FAQ: How long does an Open Space Workshop take?

FAQ: How many participants does an Open Space Workshop have?

FAQ: Who's supervising an Open Space Workshop?

FAQ: What's a rough outline of an Open Space Workshop?

Millsebaan 42
NL-5402LW Uden
The Netherlands
website: http://www.openspaceworkshop.com
email: info@openspaceworkshop.com

OpenSpaceWorkshop is part of ArtWorksAndMore


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